MLB DFS Projections, Ranking & Cheat-sheet 10/01/2018

Updated On

  • Pro BO: Projected/Confirmed Batting Order (based on projected/confirmed lineup)
  • P PV Rank: Pitcher Points/Value Positional Rank
  • IF PV Rank: Infielders Points/Value Positional Rank
  • OF  PV Rank: Outfielders Points/Value Positional Rank
  • BvsP / PvsBs: Batter vs Pitcher Handedness (R/L Split) Season Rank / Pitcher vs Batters Handedness (R/L Split) Season Rank
  • Opp Rank: Opponent Season Stats Rank vs The Player’s Position

Projections & rankings are based on confirmed and projected starters at the time of the update, please always check Our MLB starting lineups, injuries and other relevant information at MLB

  • To Sort by Multiple Columns, Click the first column header, then Shift & Click the second column header.
  • To filter, start by selecting from the drop-down menus, then sort by any column(s). To go back to original table, just click on the filtered items you selected to remove them.
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